The Peshmerga Project

Hope4Iraq partners have been granted frontline access to conflict zones to offer practical aid and encouragement to the men and women risking their lives to preserve the freedom of Kurdistan and the Iraqi people.  We’ve learned they are not just soldiers fighting a war; they are men and women who have families, jobs, hopes and dreams. They long for an era of peace and prosperity and they daily offer their lives to serve that end. Offering compassionate care to soldiers and their families has been the single most impactful activity of the Hope4Iraq campaign among members of the Kurdish community. Serving them has communicated that we love what they love and we care about what they care about. We show them that they are not forgotten in this conflict. To date, more than 500 soldiers have been feed and encouraged through tangible expressions of care and compassion.

Small acts of kindness aren’t small. Help today to bring hope to the soldiers and families directly impacted by this conflict.