The Freedom School

More than half of all displaced people in this conflict are children. Now living in camps and abandoned buildings, tens of thousands of children sit idly with no access to education, productive activity or play. The joy and innocence of just “being a kid” has been lost to instability and uncertainty. More than 1200 of the region’s schools have been converted to temporary housing for displaced people, and now more than 950,000 children are in need of on-going education.  Ethnic and linguistic challenges make language-appropriate education nearly inaccessible.

But…here’s the good news! Through the Freedom Center, Global Hope’s 25,000 sq. ft. community and education center, we are providing the first and only school available to serve children from more than 2000 displaced families. 200 children are ready and waiting to get back to school, and you can help make it happen!

Sponsor a child’s education and give them a hopeful future.