Why Women?

As we consider the global missions task and the most epic needs among the world’s most vulnerable, topping the list of the most underserved are women. Traditional work in the Middle East, has been led by men, creating a default gap in the strategic work of caring for the needs of vulnerable women and children. Cultural regulation and access limitations have severely hindered work among women and children, allowing abuses and oppression to continue without confrontation. We believe that has to change, and we are in a position to engage the crisis and promote the change that is needed.

Our Presuppositions

  1. Women/girls are divinely and equally created in God’s image and for His glory. They are powerful and precious and have the right to pursue their God-given potential and purpose without fear or repercussion.

  2. Women are essential players in the transformation of the systemic injustices and the cultural advancement of the Middle East.

  3. Violence against women/girls is unacceptable and often an unacknowledged violation of basic human rights.

  4. Women and girls have the resilience, resourcefulness, and capacity to recover and overcome.

  5. Women and girls have a right to play a leading role in decision-making that impacts their lives.