Our Values

Global Hope has been on the ground, in conflict zones, for more than fifteen years-- investing deeply into the lives of women, children, and their families. We have built local and regional networks and partnerships which inform our work and provide effective leadership. Global Hope’s western staff speak the local language and are immersed into the culture of the communities we serve. We live with the people, not simply among them. They are our friends. They are our family. From the inside-out, our values shape who we are, influence what we do, and how and why we do it.

Frontlines - Go where others don’t and care when others won’t. We don’t fear the dangerous places of the world. We were made for them. In the places of greatest need, we find the greatest opportunities for hope. And hope is what we are all about!

Grassroots - We believe lasting change happens when it is integrated and empowered at a local level. We seek to build community ownership and leadership in the process of change we work to ignite, for the issues we care about most. We work with the community, not for them. We are in this together and they are leading the way.

Long-term - We play the long game--not the short game. We’ve been on the ground for twenty years, and we’ll be there for twenty more. We’ll do whatever it takes for however long it takes to see women freed from oppression and violence and empowered to fulfill their greatest destiny. Injustice has lasted long enough -- now is the time for change -- and we’ll stay till the job is done.

Integrity - Integrity matters. We let our “yes” be “yes” and our “no” be “no”. We seek to do what is right when the world is watching and when no one is looking. We believe, though the road may not always move along a straight path, choosing right, even when its costly, brings the greatest yield. We want to activate change to some of the world’s most systemic injustices -- so integrity is non-negotiable.  

People - Everyone has a seat at the table; and at this table, every voice gets heard - regardless of station or background. Each person has something essential to offer, and without each other we are diminished in what we can achieve. We believe influence grows from character and compassion - not power and position, and lasting change will require the contribution of the collective, not only the few. For anyone compelled by the mission, come join us at the table! We’re waiting for you!